Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration Operation

The objective of this 16-hour Introductory to Ammonia Refrigeration course is to offer a fundamental approach to ammonia refrigeration systems, devices and theory, including introductory operation & important refrigerant safety practices. The course is a great overview for new refrigeration operators to bridge the understanding gap from HVAC-R to industrial ammonia refrigeration or beginning fundamental refrigeration applications.  Students receive instruction of fundamental applications at a pace geared for a true understanding of the ammonia systems. Students can expect an introduction approach in areas of maintenance scheduling/planning, servicing, system diagnostics, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning to gain maximum efficiency of an ammonia system. The course also covers an introduction to regulatory compliance such as Process Safety Management- Risk Management Programs (PSM/RMP) and system requirements and personal protective equipment.
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Ammonia Refrigeration Operator I

Topics of discussion will include, but not be limited to: Refrigeration theory – how the refrigeration process works; Refrigeration systems –concentration on the vapor compression system; Refrigerants properties – specifically ammonia with emphasis on safety; Evaporators – operations and maintenance; Compressors – operations and maintenance; Condensers – operations and maintenance; Piping systems – understanding of piping practices and piping maintenance; Low temperature refrigeration – dealing with two stage systems; and Controls – how electrical and mechanical systems function together. Instruction is designed to incorporate the individual’s system design to familiarize each participant with how the system meets the facility demands. PSM and RMP will be emphasized where applicable.
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Ammonia Refrigeration Operator II – Coming Soon!

Operator II builds on the knowledge obtained in Operator I, where the attendee can expect to be exposed to a more intrinsic look at the components of the refrigeration system and how the actual system operates. This course will still maintain the discipline of instruction covering the RETA IR-2 and IR-3 books, but will also include some more advanced techniques in refrigeration operation and functions. The attendee can also expect to be introduced to the troubleshooting aspects of a refrigeration system, including some common areas of issues where most upsets in the system occur and how to remedy these through proper troubleshooting guidelines. It is expected that the attendee has attended an Operator I class as a prerequisite. This is considered the introduction to the Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator (CIRO) certification, the highest rating currently recognized by industry that you can achieve on a national scale for industrial refrigeration.
Cost: $1,150.00 per student – Apply Here!

Ammonia Refrigeration Operator III – Coming Soon!

Geared to complete the preparation to sit for and take the CIRO exam, as Operator II and Operator III combined with Operator I contains all information necessary to take the CIRO exam successfully. The attendee can expect to extensively learn the electrical portion and troubleshooting through screen displays along with a summary of all the other IR books of RETA. You can expect to understand basic digital multi-meter functions; how to read schematics associated to electrical runs; how to read a diagram showing several electrical devices including switches, buttons, relays, outputs/inputs, and resistors; and other electrical equipment expected to be used in typical refrigeration systems. In addition, attendees will be exposed to basic screen shots that will display an upset in a refrigeration system that the student will use to diagnose and evaluate for a solution. The information for this phase is achieved by working with IR-2/IR-3/BE1/BE2 and a review of the other required books for testing through RETA. 
Cost: $600.00 per student – Apply Here!


Please contact Dan Reisinger at RETA at least two weeks prior to test date for test application and scheduling:
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