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1. Completed Application for enrollment

  • Students may choose to complete the online application but will be required to sign the application and provide more information unable to be collected online at a later date; OR
  • Students may apply using the paper application available to print on and mail or drop in the NWTI drop box

2. $10.00 application fee to be paid before enrollment begins

3. Official transcripts of high school credit and graduation and/or GED scores, and official transcripts of previous post-secondary education.

    • Students MAY SUBMIT UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS for their application, but official transcripts will be required before enrollment begins.

*Federal Student Aid and Northwest Technical Institute reserves the right to evaluate the validity of a student’s high school diploma if the institution or FSA has reason to believe that the diploma is not valid or was not obtained from an entity that provides secondary school education. Documentation may include a copy of a high school diploma, final high school transcript, or information from companies that evaluate foreign diplomas.

4. Accuplacer or ACT scores. Required scores for admissions are as follows:

Next Generation Accuplacer® ACT®
Arithmetic - 222 Reading Comprehension - 224
Math - 16 English - 10

For Allied Health Programs:

Next Generation Accuplacer®
Arithmetic 249
Reading Comprehension 263

5. Immunization records must be submitted before enrollment begins

  • a. Act 141 of 1987 requires that full-time students born on or after January 1, 1957, MUST provide NWTI with: Two immunization records dated after the first birthday against: a) Measles, and b) Rubella, or an authorized waiver (religious or health reasons only) signed by the appropriate official.

Interview Process for All Programs:

All students who have submitted an application will be contacted for an admissions interview for the program for which they are applying. Interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, or electronically depending on the circumstances and interviewing department’s preference.