Industry Leaders get NWTI Ammonia Refrigeration Preview

Dozens of leaders from Northwest Arkansas industries assembled at Northwest Technical Institute Friday for a preview of the forthcoming completion of the Ammonia Refrigeration building on the NWTI campus and all that it will offer to both students and businesses.

Rodney Ellis, Technical Education Liaison of Tyson Foods, called Northwest Arkansas the “Mecca” for industry in the region, adding, “It just doesn’t make any sense not to have this here.”

The new Ammonia Refrigeration building at NWTI is yet to be completed but has already had some equipment donated with hopes of more to come as well as help from local experts.

“NWTI is very open to individual companies coming in as partners,” Ellis said. “They are trying to hit on all of the parameters. They are looking for experts to come in and help us with the courses. Everybody who has ties to this industry can come in and help us. You’ve heard that it takes a village to get it done. Well, that’s kind of where we are. You will be able to use this as a tool for recruiting. There is a big need from everybody. You have opportunities here. We want to make this as quality as it can be.”

Mike Rogers, Senior Director of Maintenance and Refrigeration at Tyson Foods, referred to the NWTI Ammonia Refrigeration building as “the hub, where it all happens.”

“We want to keep moving and stay up with technology,” Rogers said. “This is a really great way to support the trade. I took classes here; my dad took courses here. (NWTI President) Dr. (Jim) Rollins is a great fixture for the community.”

Mike Rogers of Tyson Foods addresses many of the area’s Industry Leaders inside the yet-to-be officially opened Ammonia Refrigeration Building at NWTI.

Michael Wright, Manager of Refrigeration Training at Tyson Foods, and Butterball LLC’s Ralph Juarez, the Huntsville plant’s Utility Supervisor, also addressed those on hand of the importance of the new building at NWTI.

“I know anybody in Ammonia Refrigeration would love to see this building come up,” Juarez said.

The crowd on hand was treated to lunch following the various talks and tours of the NWTI Ammonia Refrigeration Building.